How to get bats out of the attic

Tennessee bats are not a great sight especially if they choose your house to be their home. If bats are giving you headaches, you might search for ways on how to get rid of them.

Bats are winged mammals that commonly inhabit caves for hibernation and mating. They are nocturnal animals and some of them are considered endangered species. The habits of most bats in hiding inside attics and homes can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare.
These simple steps of removing Nashville bats include:
- Identifying the Nashville bat species that you see in your house. Note that there are different ways of dealing with bats. If they are endangered, you might not be allowed to kill them.
- Locate entry points and crevices inside your home.
- Use repellents and traps to remove an entire colony of bats
- Seal off any entry points so that they can never go back to your attic again
- Clean the bats’ droppings properly

Get the Bats Out of Your Home As soon as possible
Bats can leave an unpleasant odor when they die inside your home. You have to be careful when dealing with them. You don’t want to clean a room that is full of decomposing bats. There are more humane solutions that you can try instead of killing them. If you want to identify properly the bat’s entry points, look for a buildup of guano. Guanos are bats’ droppings and they might leave them at entrances. They will stain and they have a higher chance of leaving clues on the possible entrances of pests inside your house. Once you identified all the entry points of bats, seal them with wire or wood. You have to wear protective gear, and goggles as entering bats might bite you. You can get a caulk, screens made of wires, or fresh boards in order to seal the entrances. You can use one-way funnels. They are a great way of removing bats without killing them. Drive the bats into the funnel area. Make them leave one by one. They can fly out of your house at night to hunt for food. However, they might find it difficult in going back. Funnels have mechanisms that allow exit-only activities. In some cases, the wires of the funnel become narrow after the bats exit on them.

Clean Up the Remaining Bat Droppings
Guanos smell awful since they are mostly made up of carbon dioxide and ammonia. This can pose a serious health risk to you and your family. Make sure to use a strong detergent when you clean your attic or den. An enzyme cleaner is an ideal choice if you want to get cleaner environments after the bats leave.

Contact a Professional
A pest control company or a wildlife removal expert can be your answer when removing bats. They know where to search for entry points, and they have the right tools available. You can contact one of them today for more information or for inquiries.

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