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We are Nashville Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Nashville, TN. If you are looking for the very best in wildlife removal service, that you have come to the right place. We have been in business for over 10 years, and have established ourselves as the #1 wildlife control company in the metropolitan area for three years in a row! The reason we are so successful is that we treat our customers like they are part of our family. This is a family run business, so we treat all with respect and courtesy, the way that we want to be treated.Our technicians are the very best. They have been trained in the latest techniques and animal removal, and use no means or methods that can endanger the animal or you. There are no poisons and no live traps involved. Just methods that work. We have handled some of the most unusual wildlife removal problems you can imagine. That includes bad colony extractions, rat colony extractions, snake removal, skunk capture and removal, and much more. Our technicians know exactly what to do and you can count on their professional service every time. It doesn’t matter what your problem is, we are ready to service you. Call us today. Our operators are on duty 24 hours a day. Call us now at 615-229-7227 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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We answer our phones 24/7.

Property inspections and in-attic inspections.

Nuisance wildlife trapping and removal.

Critter damage repair to your home.

We offer attic cleanup and sanitation services.

Specializing in wildlife only - no poisons.

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Poison-free Nashville rodent control - rats and mice.

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Our Service Range

Belle Meade, Forest Hills, Berry Hill, Oak Hill , Fairview, Brentwood, Lebanon, La Vergne, and many more!

Nashville Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: How to get skunks out from under a shed or porch

If you are living in near a forest or a wildlife sanctuary, you might experience different animals that wander to your outhouses and abandoned sheds for shelter. One of these wild animals can be a skunk. The skunk generally leaves a musty smell wherever they go.

Skunks can also dig circular holes and they eat crops and fruits whenever they are available. They also like to dig under the grass or under the shrubs to feed on earthworms. If you have skunks inside your porch and want to know how to remove them, here are some tips for you.

Set a Trap
Many people are wary when it comes to skunks because of their notorious bad-smelling sprays. The pungent smell serves as defense mechanisms from predators and human beings when the skunk feels threatened. If you don’t want to be sprayed but want to remove the skunk under your porch, set a good trap. You can buy a 10 x 12 30-inch steel cage on your local department store and set bait. The skunk bait can be peanut butter, marshmallows, dried fish, or other strong-smelling food that your pets will avoid. Skunks are omnivores. Therefore, they are not picky about their diet. You can lure them into a trap in order to get rid of them.

You should remember to put the trap in the way of the skunk to its den. You should also check your trap from time to time so that the wild animal will not suffer for long periods of time.

Retrieve the Trap and Avoid Getting Sprayed
You can use a large cloth in front of the cage while moving the trap. Skunks rarely spray when they can’t see their targets. Be calm when approaching the skunk. Startling it will cause the spraying of the stinky liquid which can take days to remove.

You can get rid of the skunk by relocating it about 15 miles from your home. Make sure that it does not spray its liquid inside your car.

You can use several skunk repellants and ammonia to ward off skunks. Don’t use poison as it might be found by your pet dog or child and can be taken accidentally.

A word of caution: Skunks can generally be seen at night because they are nocturnal. If you see a skunk in the morning, approach it with care as it might be rabid. For the easiest solution, call a professional pest control company. These companies are trained to remove the skunks without causing the animals to emit their stinky liquid. A pest control technician also has the right tools for removing skunks. This is not an easy task if you are new to removing pests. If you are having trouble, don’t purchase the pest repellent products because it can be a waste of time and money. Contact a professional to prevent yourself from getting sprayed, scratched and bitten. It is really not worth the risk.